Mt. Shasta Nordic Ski Organization

We're a 501(c)(3) non-profit established in 2006 to promote nordic skiing in the Mt. Shasta region.

Who We Are

Mt Shasta Nordic is an economically-viable, community-based non-profit organization that strives to inspire a passion for Nordic skiing by providing marked backcountry and groomed Nordic trails to a broad range of skiers in the Northern California/Southern Oregon region. Through the financial support from members, partners, and the community, we offer groomed ski trails, a full-service facility, and programs for locals and visitors alike .

Our Mission

To support community health and wellbeing by providing groomed cross country ski trails and programs for a diverse population on the slopes of majestic Mount Shasta.


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Nordic Blog:

Volunteers Needed Mount Shasta Summit Century Castle Lake Aid Station Sunday, August 3th 2014

Volunteers Needed Mount Shasta Summit Century Castle Lake Aid Station Sunday, August 3th 2014 Support the Nordic Youth Program by helping out with the Summit Century Castle Lake rest station. Mountain Wheelers, a committee of the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce hosts this annual event and delivers the proceeds back to our community in the […]

Thank You!

                    Many thanks to Paj Kane, Linda Roddy and Tim Locklin for help out with the Ramshorn rest station! The Castle Crags Century was a success and we had fun with our rams horn hats…

Volunteers Needed for the Ramshorn Rest Station June 21st

Volunteers Needed for the Ramshorn Rest Station Saturday June 21st, 2014 Mt. Shasta Nordic will host the Ramshorn rest station for the Castle Crags Century ride Saturday, June 21st. We need volunteers to cover the following time slots: 2 people 6:00-8:00am with trucks to haul tables, chairs & coolers up to the rest stop and […]

Thank You Marrone Construction!

Many thanks to Chris Marrone of Marrone Construction for sponsoring the Nordic Youth Program. This funding will help us to provide access to healthy, fun outdoor activities at the Nordic Center for hundreds of Siskiyou County school age kids each season.

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